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"You Have to
Say the Words"
An Integrity-Based Approach for Tackling Tough Conversations and Maximizing Performance
By Kathy Ryan

Available Formats: Paperback: 304 pages, Kindle & Nook
Publisher:  Achievement Press, 1st Edition (09/2011)
ISBN-13:  978-0983756507
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 1.0 inches





Leaders must make the time to provide specific and timely feedback, even when it feels uncomfortable to do so. Leadership expert and coach Kathy Ryan shares easy-to-implement action steps that take the fear out of feedback so you can lead with confidence and inspire maximum performance. Packed with practical advice and real-life stories, this definitive guide helps you leverage the best practices of successful leaders.

Inside you will find:

Praise for "You Have to Say the Words"

"Kathy Ryan wisely and caringly advises leaders not only on what to say, but how and when to say it. This book is filled with engaging and recognizable stories coupled with specific tips and “how-to’s” on productive conversations with employees.  Any leader who struggles with the un-enviable but critical task of providing feedback will find real value from this book."
Dave Ulrich, best-selling author of The Why of Work

"This book is a powerfully pragmatic guide for anyone who will lead in a world where ethics still prevail. That Kathy Ryan still links leadership to personal ethics is a profound testament to her desire to place integrity at the heart of leadership in corporate America. It is an especially useful book to young people aspiring to leadership and for whom choice in how they will conduct themselves is still emerging."
William Durden, President, Dickinson College

"This book is a must-read for any HR professional or line manager with people management responsibilities. It is written in an easy-to-follow format and the real- life examples that Kathy shares really drive home the key learning points. Even after 40 years in business, I can truly say that I really learned so much from this book". 
Bob Teschke, Partner, Polestar Performance Programs, Inc

"You Have to Say the Words goes beyond other books to take a real-life honest look into the situations managers face every day in the trenches.  Kathy Ryan's advice has universal application that can guide even the most experienced leaders, reinforcing critical lessons and inspiring them to help develop managers who struggle with these skills.  Most importantly, this book is a road map for less experienced leaders, showing them a way to build confidence and reassuring them that their discomfort in addressing performance issues is a natural part of the growing process.  It should be required reading for aspiring managers and seasoned executives alike."
John Romanowicz, General Manager, House of Blues Entertainment

"As an outplacement consultant, I often work with clients who arrive in my office bewildered as to the reasons for the termination of their employment and angry about the mixed messages they received from their managers leading up to it. In this very practical book, Kathy Ryan draws on her extensive experience as an HR Professional and a Business Coach to make the case for much needed straightforward and honest communication from managers to employees regarding performance expectations and workplace behavior. She also provides a wealth of tools and examples that will help both new and experienced managers improve their ability to “say the words” that lead to clear and productive communication with employees." 
Roger E. Pickard, VP / Managing Consultant, Lee Hecht Harrison  

“Finally, a book comes along that actually says the words!  Kathy Ryan helps you to break through the mental blocks that keep you from doing just that.  The content is very relatable and the stories represent the types of issues that managers struggle with on a daily basis. I highly recommend investing in this book as a must read for anyone in management and human resources.  It will become your go-to reference tool.”  
Kimberly Hunt Khouzam, VP, Human Resources, Retail and Entertainment Industry

"Kathy Ryan has put into words what every manager must know in order to effectively manage and mentor their employees. With clear and concise examples, Kathy eloquently provides the "real world" dialog necessary to handle the difficult conversations that are typically avoided in the work place. "You Have To Say the Words" was not merely a pleasure to read but is also a treasure chest of tools I now have at my finger tips to apply to my managerial responsibilities."
Anthony Paolini, Vice President, Instructors Network, Inc.

"Kathy Ryan is a balanced professional human resource expert whose awareness of boundaries regarding that role is brilliant.  This book demonstrates the leadership traits and preparations needed to handle a process of open, honest, and constructive communication that even the most seasoned leaders should consider reviewing. Kathy’s wonderful story telling perspective gives real-life and identifiable truth to the book’s content and frankly pressed a few humor buttons for me as I recognized some of my own mistakes."
Dan Smith, Vice President Food & Beverage, Cleveland Indians Baseball Club